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Washington DC in August

I haven’t been to Washington DC since July of 1993. Yes, I know that was a long time ago. For those who have been to DC in August, I know what you are going to ask. “What were you thinking?” I know, I know… For those who haven’t been to DC in August, let me just fill you in. It’s hot and humid with random downpours of rain which makes it muggy.

I did not get to pick the dates I was here as I came for a very special event. My college graduation!! This was their first in-person graduation in over 18 months. For me, walking across that stage was a very big deal. More on graduation in another blog post.

My school had a deal with 3 local hotels for discounts, and I chose the hotel closest to the graduation venue. This hotel happened to be in the InterContinental the Willard. I can honestly say, I am pretty sure this is the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at. The hotel started in 1818 as row houses that were built on the corner of 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. In 1853, President Franklin Pierce makes The Willard home, their first presidential patron. 8 years later, in 1861, President–elect Abraham Lincoln takes up residence at The Willard for ten days prior to his inauguration. Julia Ward Howe pens the immortal words of the Battle Hymn of the Republic while staying at the Willard in 1862. The massive history of this hotel just continues.

An awesome addition to the hotel is the Round Robin Bar. This iconic bar was established in 1847. They have their history of the bar in the menu. It reads:

- “The polished mahogany and stately atmosphere of the historic Round Robin Bar makes it the perfect place for an afternoon or evening cocktail. It was at this great classic bat that Kentucky Senator, Henry Clay, introduced Washington to the Mint Julep, which would become the Round Robin’s signature cocktail.”

- “In 1862, Walt Whitman immortalized the Willard’s bar in his poetic appeal to Union Troops: ‘There are you, shoulder straps, but where are your companies? Where are our men? Speak, blow, put on airs in Willard’s sumptuous bar, or anywhere! No explanation will save you. Bull Run is your work.’”

- “In 1904, as the hatchet-toting prohibitionist Carrie Nation raged against drink, a sign in the Round Robin Bar went up: ‘All Nations Welcome Except Carrie.’”

You are struck by the beauty of this hotel from the moment you arrive. The outside architecture is stunning. The lobby is elegant with a beautiful ceiling that contains the original seal from every state. They even have a map to help you find your state. Just ask the front desk.

The rooms are quite large. To me, it was larger than it appeared in the pictures online, which I find very rare. The room had a doorbell too. What hotel room have you stayed in that has a doorbell? There were robes and slippers as well as a scale in the bathroom. The had a Nespresso coffee bar which is way better than drop coffee to me. The room is not too overdone. It is taupe, blue, and gold.

(Ignore the mess. I had already started unpacking)

(View from my room)

If you are looking to come to DC, I would recommend this hotel. They are not too far from a Metro stop which is extremely convenient for getting around.


-Wander With Mekela

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