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Heading South of the Equator

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

OH MY GOSH!!!!! IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! The trip I’ve been waiting for and booked what feels like forever ago.

TODAY, I fly to Argentina to hike Patagonia and then head off to Antarctica!! (Insert screaming here)

I have been asked a million questions and am trying to remember them all, so I can collectively answer them here. If there are other questions you have, please comment below, and I will respond.

Why am I choosing to go there?

- WHY THE HECK NOT!!! That is my usual response. I have a tattoo of a world map and around it says, “have passport, will travel.” This is my life’s motto. (What’s a motto? Nothing, what’s the motto with you.) My goal is to visit every country in the world as well as all 7 continents. While most people save Antarctica for last, I had this opportunity I could NOT pass up. So, I have been to North America and Europe. I will be adding South America and Antarctica to my list. This leave Africa, Asia, and Oceania left.

What am I going to do in Antarctica? - Whatever they tell us to do. Most of our landings and where we go is based off the weather. While there will be an agenda, flexibility is key on this trip as things can literally change in an instant. I am expecting to see a lot of penguins! Maybe see some whales. I am bringing binoculars. I am hoping we make it to the Penguin Post Office too. Again, things can change.

How do I get to Antarctica?

- We leave from Ushuaia on a boat. I say boat and not ship because when I say ship, people think of these massive cruise ships that hold thousands of people. This one is not like that. For example, there are less than 100 staterooms on board. This boat needs to be able to break through any ice we may possibly encounter. Massive cruise ships have stabilizers. This boat cannot have them because of going through the Drake Passage.

Where will I sleep?

- There are no hotels on the ice continent. We will be sleeping on the boat. We will be doing day trips called landings onto Antarctica.

How long will you be in Antarctica?

- It’s a total of 10 days from when we leave Ushuaia to when we are back.

Why are you going in winter? Aren’t you going to freeze to death?

- Yes, I have received this question more than I’d like to admit. Y’all, I’m going south of the equator which means the seasons are opposite. Winter in the northern hemisphere means its summer in the southern hemisphere.

How high of an elevation will I be hiking in Patagonia?

- I have no idea. I can let you know after I hike.

Do you have a medical advanced directive?

- (facepalm) YES!!! I’ve had one for 5 years. The people who need to know my details do. Those who don’t, don't. Just pray for my safety on this trip.

I will gladly answer any other questions that come up. Check my Instagram or Facebook for updates.



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