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First Class in the United Polaris Plane

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

I flew from Roatan back to California in early August. I upgraded to First Class as it was only $200 more, and it came with 2 checked bags for free along with up to 70 pounds per checked bag. Because of living in Roatan for so long, I knew I would need the extra weight limit. For the 2nd leg of the flight, I was on the United Polaris plane. This plane is normally used for international travel, this leg was domestic. First Class on this plane was extremely nice. My seat had no one on either side of me. Additionally, the seat laid down flat to a bed. I have never had a First Class seat like this one before. I have heard rumors of its awesomeness!

I enjoyed getting an actual meal that was served on real plates. Having all this space was a dream. There were so many cubbies to hold things. Also, the little touches were nice. The tray had a stand for a tablet and holes in the bottom to allow for charger cables. The TV was also larger than I had ever seen on an airplane. You can set your TV to certain settings such as night (it played soft music and had relaxing scenes you could watch), “don’t wake me” at all, and “wake me only for meals”. These last 2 would be displayed on the screen for the flight attendants.

Video tour of my seat.

I had chicken pesto with orzo and red wine.

Pics from the seat


- Wander With Mekela

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1 Comment

Scott McClure
Scott McClure
Aug 28, 2021

Marcy and I would agree with you. Often first class or premium economy isn’t that expensive when you compare it to the all in cost of economy after all the fees for baggage, picking your seat, etc. Plus you get to board first, have free cocktails, and get generally prompt and attentive service. It’s one of those things where you get what you pay for and sometimes the up charge on a premium class isn’t that bad.

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